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Camping de Kerleven


Free access for all our residents !

Our two pools are heated to 28 °.

A cloakroom at the entrance allows you to change and shower.

Our covered area (360 m2) is open all season.
The depth of the pool starts at 15 cm to go up to 1,20m.
A paddling pool with a slide and a water game welcome the little ones.
And a hot tub allows you to fully enjoy the moment.

The outdoor pool is open from late June to early September.
A few steps lead to the first level at 1.20m. In the deepest, the basin drops to 2.30m.
A small outdoor pool (15 cm deep) is a joy for children.

Not to mention the slides!
One finishes his 30 m descent into a reception pool.
The second, a pentagliss 3 tracks of 12m, ends in aquafrein, in the splashes.

Deckchairs and seats, installed on the beaches, allow you to enjoy the sun between 2 swimming.

In July and August, water aerobics classes are offered every morning.

It is reminded that swim trunks are not allowed.